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Severe Weather Hits Home

On May 4, 2021 at approximately 8:05 AM the Fairfield Glade Police Department began receiving reports of tree damage as well as power lines across several roadways within Northeastern Fairfield Glade. Fairfield Glade Police and Fire Department responded to multiple homes that had been struck by falling trees as well as multiple locations with power lines down.

A Command Center hotline was established and approximately 40 members of the FG Police and Fire Departments as well as community safety officers went street by street to asses and report the damage to the Command Center. Approximately 10 homes reported damage and several down trees and power lines starting in the Forest Hills area going all the way to the boundary of the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area. No injuries have been reported at this time.




The incident is being investigated as an EF-0.


While these types of natural event are rare here in the Glade, it is wise to take precautions when possible.


There is a siren system designed to alert residents of possible bad weather and/or tornadoes in the area.  You are wise to not rely only on that system. In the northern part of the Glade, they are not easy to hear.


You are encouraged to sign up for text alerts so that you may be made aware of issues in the Glade. By turning on “emergency notifications” on your cellphone, you will also receive alerts from the National Weather Service, automatically.


We highly recommend acquiring a NOAH weather radio.


Develop a safety plan for your home in case of a tornado.


Following are links to Tornado/Severe Weather Information and planning sites to help you prepare.



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