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The following is the detailed incident report of the FGFD’s response to the aftermath of the inline winds that hit Fairfield Glade on Thursday January 12th.

At 1650 hrs. the Fairfield Glade Fire Department was dispatched to 127 Pomeroy Dr. for a report of a tree down on a house with electric line down. Deputy Chief, Fire 3, arrived on scene, established command, and confirmed a large tree had fallen on the residence, after doing a 360* walk around it was determined that the electric line was in the tree but not compromised. Fire 3 then called a code 4 which means command can handle situation with personnel and apparatus already on the scene.

Chief, Fire 1, arrived on the scene at this time. Engine 3 and 6 firefighters were also on the scene.

Additionally, at 1705 hrs. the FGFD was dispatched to St. George Dr. and St. George place, also for tees down. Deputy Chief, Fire 2, found multiple trees down across the road on the Westchester Dr. side of St. George Dr.

At this time Chief, Fire 1, directed all remaining personnel to stay at station 1 on Peavine rd. to await instruction for possible additional calls.

FGFD Firefighter, Fire 273, reported that St. George Dr. just past St. George Pl. was impassable due to multiple trees down.

Fire 1, then dispatched 2 members along with truck Squad 31 and chainsaws to assist Fire 2 at his location.

Fire 3 inspected the home at 127 Pomeroy and took pictures for the homeowner and determined that there was no structural damage and cleared the scene.

Fire 3 then responded to the St. George location to assist Fire 2 with clearing the road with chainsaws.

There were 6 members at that location with Squad 31. The rest of the Pomeroy manpower was directed to stand by at station1 with the remaining apparatus and manpower.

Fire 1 responded to St. George Pl. to assist. At St. George Pl. there was a crew from the FG street department with a backhoe and chainsaws working on clearing the large section of fallen trees. Fairfield Glade PD was also at both locations closing the roads for the crews to do their jobs safely. It was a combined effort from the three agencies working together for the residents of Fairfield Glade. The Fairfield Glade Fire Department would like to thank the FG street department and the FGPD for their help. FGFD was back in service 1842 hrs.

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