Support Your Fairfield Glade Fire Department by Donating Today

Your Donation will ensure the Fairfield Glade Fire Department will be able to respond to the Fairfield Glade Community’s emergency and non-emergency calls for service timely with appropriately trained and equipped firefighters.
The Fairfield Glade Fire Department (FGFD) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Benefits Corporation.

Donations to the FGFD are tax deductible. The FGFD only receives funding from donations from the Fairfield Glade Community Residents, Fairfield Glade Community Club, Fairfield Glade Community Business, Cumberland County Fire Fund and Federal, State & Local Grants.

These sources of funding are used to fund the FGFD’s Day-to-Day Operation and Capital Equipment Replacement Funds.

You can make your donation to the Fire Department three different ways.

  1. Personally, hand deliver a check to the FGFD Headquarters Station No. 1 - 7258 Peavine Road. If you make an appointment, we will gladly give you a tour of the Fire Station and Fire Engines.

  2. A Personal Check mailed to:   
    Fairfield Glade Fire Department 
    P.O. Box 1547
    Fairfield Glade, TN 38558 

    Please indicate on your checks what your donation is to fund. Day-to-Day Operation Fund (Unrestricted), Capitol Equipment Replacement Fund (Unrestricted), New Fire Hydrant Truck (Restricted), New Fire Engine (Restricted), New Incident Command Vehicle (Restricted). Restricted funds can only be used for the designated purpose.

  3. PayPal by clicking on the link below. You can also make your PayPal donation a recurring one by checking the recurring box.

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