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Keeping Our Equipment Ready for Emergencies

Your Fairfield Glade Fire Department is constantly working to have our personnel and our equipment ready for any and all emergencies. We were busy the week of December 10th. We conducted hose testing on December 10th at the First Baptist Church and pump testing at Lake Oxford on the 13th. The process of hose testing consists of deploying thousands of feet of 5 inch and 3 inch hose. We pressurize the hoses to check for leaks, weakness in hose walls and any other damage that would compromise the integrity of the hose. This testing requires an "all hands on deck" response to deploy and then reload the thousands of feet of hose. It takes the entire parking lot of the First Baptist church to deploy these hoses. The FGFD thanks the First Baptist Church for cooperation in allowing us to use their facility for this vital exercise. Click on any image to expand it.

After we test the hoses, we have to test our pumps. So our crack engineering crew headed to Lake Oxford to run the tests. The pump testing consists of siphoning water from the lake, bringing the pumps up to pressure and shooting the water back into the lake. Click on any image to expand it.

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