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About Us

Who We Are



Since 1974 The Fairfield Glade Fire Department has responded 24/7 to the Community’s continually increasing Emergency and Non-Emergency calls for service. The Department is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Public Benefits Corporation governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. The department is comprised of three fire stations, five fire engines, four support vehicles, and is staffed by a volunteer Fire Chief, 42 Firefighters and support personnel.

The Fairfield Glade Fire Department is committed to serving the Community of Fairfield Glade by responding 24/7 to Emergency and Non-Emergency calls for service in a timely, safe manner with appropriately trained and equipped fire fighters.

Our Creed

Serve, Honor, Protect

Our Mission

The mission of the Fairfield Glade Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of those in and around the Fairfield Glade Community from fire, and other emergencies, whether natural or manmade, through fire suppression and public education and by continuous training.

Our Vision

We do all we can to earn the trust of the residents of Fairfield Glade and insure the best possible service in providing fire protection and related services by trained, equipped, competent, empowered and engaged volunteers dedicated to continuous improvement for the people we serve.

Fairfield Glade is an unincorporated master plan community located in Cumberland County on the forested Cumberland Plateau, 2,000 feet above sea level. The community residents enjoy moderate four-season weather, eleven lakes, five championship Golf Courses, miles of hiking trails, and numerous recreation facilities. The community covers approximately 22 square miles with a growing population of over 10,661 residents and 18,597 Total Taxable Properties currently comprised of over 6,000 residential homes, 5,269 vacant lot owners, 579 condominiums, and numerous business complexes. i.e. Fairfield Glade Community Club, Wyndham Vacation Resort Destinations, Good Samaritan Society and the Village Green Mall. Additionally, there are numerous utility infrastructure facilities, i.e. water, sewer plants, electrical transmission stations and communication towers. According to the Cumberland County Assessor of Property the Fairfield Glade Community is a County Asset valued at approximately $2,063,118,489 in Appraisal Value Real Properties. The Community in 2022 paid approximately $5,897,703 in property taxes to the County. A part of these tax dollars funds the Cumberland County Fire Department, with a mission to provide emergency fire services for the entire County. Currently the Community of Fairfield Glade receives only mutual aid support from the County Fire Department and a 2022 County monetary donation of $38,500.

The Fairfield Glade Fire Department not only provides fire protection services for the residents and businesses of Fairfield Glade, but we also educate the public regarding fire prevention, provide smoke detectors, sell and install address signs and maintain more than 480 fire hydrants in the Glade. The pages below provide specific information on these services along with valuable fire prevention information that could save your life. Take a moment to review the many ways your FGFD supports the community that supports us. Also, we invite you to review our FAQ page. Got more questions? We encourage you to send us an email with your question, we will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

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