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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  How many firefighter members are there in FGFD?  


A.   As of January 2024,  there are 42 members. 

Q.  What are the training requirements for firefighters of FGFD


A.  Each firefighter must successfully complete a 16 hour course

      followed by a 64 hour Basic Firefighter Certification (Firefighter 1)

      for the state of TN.  

      This 64 hour training must be completed within 12 months of

      joining our FGFD.  In addition, our members participate in

      40 hours of additional training annually.


Click HERE to Volunteer

Q.  How many fire stations are there in Fairfield Glade?


A.  The FGFD operates from three station locations...   

              Station 1 ... 7258 Peavine Rd. across from Mirror Lake

              (this is our main station and administrative offices)

              Station  2 ...  515 Stonehenge Dr.   

              (This station is unmanned and houses one our fire trucks.)                        (This station covers the north area of Fairfield Glade)

              Station 3 ...101 Malvern Ave.

              The corner of Malvern and Westchester

              (This station is unmanned and houses one our fire trucks.)                        (This station covers the north area of Fairfield Glade)

Click Here to view a MAP of our stations.

Q.    How many fire apparatus vehicles does FGFD currently have?


A.    Our fleet consists of 8 vehicles. 


        1 service company truck  (Squad 31) This vehicle responds to

           structure fires, brush fires, and motor vehicle accidents. It is also
           fully ISO equipped.

        4 engines  (Class A  Pumper trucks, fully ISO equipped )

        1 hydrant truck (used in the maintenance of fire hydrants)

        1 Six wheel all-terrain Polaris vehicle (used for medical response

           to hiking trails and other off road events )

        1 General Service Emergency Vehicle.

        1 Incident Command Vehicle

Click Here to view the details of each apparatus

Q.  How many fire hydrants are in Fairfield Glade?

A.   As of April 2023,  there are more than 480 fire hydrants in

       Fairfield Glade. New construction necessitates the addition

       of hydrants monthly . 

Click Here for more information regarding our hydrants.

Q. I need a smoke detector. Who do I call to get help with that?

A. The FGFD provides smoke detectors free of charge. To request a       smoke detector you can email

Remember... Replace smoke detector batteries every  year. Also, replace the smoke detector itself every 10 years, even wired ones!

Click Here to get valuable information regarding smoke detectors.

Q.  What are those green signs I see in front of everyone's house?

      Must I have one and, if so, where can I obtain one?

A.   You are required to display an address sign at the street.

       You can obtain an address sign, for a nominal fee, from the

       fire department.

       To request a sign you can email us at

Click Here for the rules regarding address signs

Q.   I have heard that something called an ISO rating can affect the

       cost of my homeowners insurance. What is this ISO rating I hear

       being discussed?


A.   Each community is evaluated on the basis of many factors for

       their ability to prevent and combat fires in their area. The testing

       agency is the nsurance ervices ffice. The ISO number is a

       "score"  that represents a communities readiness to prevent and

        combat fires. The lower the number, the better. Your FGFD

        continues to work hard to maintain the lowest rating possible. 

Click Here to view OUR SCORE and read more about the ISO.

Q.   Some fire departments have a Chaplain, does the FGFD?


 A.  Yes.  Clyde Angel is our Chaplain. 

Click Here to read the chaplain's latest message.

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