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A Message From Our Chaplain

It is a privilege and honor to serve as chaplain for the Fairfield Glade Fire Department in support of our volunteer firefighter community.  My call is clear as is my role:


  • I promise concern and compassion for every member …

  • I promise courage to share and endure the ordeal of those who need me …

  • I promise strength of heart and mind to bear and support each member…

  • I promise compassion, comfort, and empathy to all who face stress and trauma…

  • I promise wisdom to lead and to serve unselfishly whenever I am called…


The greatest honor I received as a Veterans Affairs chaplain is captured in this poem written and presented to me by a Vietnam Veteran when I was leaving the Atlanta VA Medical Center.

My Chaplain

I hurt,

And you gave me comfort.

My heart seethed with rage,

And you gave me understanding.

My faith was shattered,

And you showed me forgiveness.

I was alone,

And you gave me kindness.

I despaired,

And you gave me compassion.

I was lost,

And you illuminated a path.

You will be missed,

And I will be better, because of you.




Sal DePasquale, 2008

This poem captures my desire in serving each of our firefighters and the members of the Fairfield Glade community who may face the unfortunate trauma and loss incurred in the event of fire, injury or a medical emergency.

Committed to Serve,

Clyde T. Angel, DMin., BCC, LPC

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