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Tennessee Firewise

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Basic Fire Safety Guidelines for Outdoor Burning
Careless debris burning is a primary cause of wildfires every year in Tennessee. Wildfires result in enormous losses of natural resources, personal property and even lives.
Fire can be an effective tool when used properly. Even so, the best intentions can produce disastrous results when safety precautions are not taken. 

Consider Alternatives to Burning
Some types of debris - such as leaves, grass and stubble - may be of more value if they are not burned. Composting can yield valuable organic matter that can be used to enrich the soil while helping extend the useful life of landfills. In addition, tree branches, trunks, and brush can sometimes be chipped up and simply blown back into the woods or collected and hauled away. Other times, potential hazardous fuel near a structure can simply be drug back into the open woods where it poses no threat to structures. 
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