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Herding Cats

It maybe cliché, to think of a fire department rescuing a kitty, bit it actually happened here in Fairfield Glade. Here's the story.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to the Fairfield Glade Fire Department!!! Today (April 12, 2024), I discovered a young cat trapped below a drain grate. I called the Fairfield Glade Fire Department and Fire Chief Kirk McLaughlin was there in just minutes seeing what could be done. Not far behind was fireman Kurt to assist. Without going into all the scary and stressful details, please let me say that the Fairfield Glade Fire Department is AMAZING!!! Such wonderful animal lovers willing to go far beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of the community’s vulnerable strays. Thank you SO MUCH, Fire Chief Kirk and Kurt for making us proud to be living here in Fairfield Glade. Wishing you an incredibly wonderful weekend, Kirk! Again, many thanks for today. – Mindy and Tony Moore

P.S. I tried very hard for very long to get that beautiful cat into my cat kennel. I spotted it right away, but there was no persuading it. I had even gone in and bought another can of cat food and emptied it on the sidewalk close to where it sat. But no luck. Then three different people came by with dogs, which caused the cat to jet deeper into the woods. Hopefully the dogs won't eat the cat food and the cat will eventually make it back up to enjoy a nice dinner.

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