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FGRS Hosts 911 Informational Meeting

A very special thanks to John Wedgworth and the FGRS team for sponsoring todays 911 event. You can check out all the ways the folks at FGRS help our community by visiting their website at

A lot of important lifesaving and safety information was relayed to everyone in attendance.

Dave Corcoran from the FGFD Board of Directors gave us some insight into what it takes financially to protect us all. FGFD Chief McLaughlin gave us a preview of the new fire truck (which hopefully will be here in the upcoming days) while introducing attendees to the FGFD’s new website. The website is filled with helpful safety tips along with information about smoke detectors and other lifesaving fire prevention information. When you visit the website, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. You can sign up now by clicking

Lieutenant Dagley from the FGPD showed off the many programs being conducted by our police department to keep us all a little safer. Visit their website at to sign up for their programs, including “Vacation Watch” “Keyholders” and “At Risk Residents”. You can also stop by the station to pick up many helpful safety guidelines including information about the “Yellow Dot” program.

Finally on the agenda was our 911 Call Center team, TJ Williams, Director of Operations who was joined by 911 dispatcher Georgie Heller. Their 365/24/7 operation handles all 911 calls for Cumberland County. That is a lot of departments including EMS, Crossville PD, Sheriff’s Department, County Fire, Crossville Fire, Fairfield Glade Fire and Fairfield Glade PD, to name a few. The Cumberland 911 center handles more than 50 thousand calls annually with an average call answer time of less that 5 seconds. Pretty impressive. Be sure to visit the 911 website at  While you’re there be sure to take the Family/Resident Safety Survey and sign up for the “Reverse 911 System” 

The presentations were followed by a lively Q+A where many safety and communication questions were answered.

A special thanks to all who participated and to John Wedgworth and FGRS team for putting the program together.

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