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FGFD Completes Hose Testing for Engine 4

We all welcome summer weather. But this year’s unseasonably high temps make it more difficult when you must work outdoors. The high heat did not deter your FGFD from a day of training. I’m guessing you’d be surprised to learn, it is required that the FGFD pressure test the many thousands of feet of hoses once a year. Saturday June 22 was Engine 4’s day. All 2000 feet of hose was deployed from Engine 4. Then like size hoses get connected to one another and then all the hoses are pressurized. The pressurized hoses are inspected for leaks and damage. Each hose has a unique identifier. Any hose defects are noted, and the damaged hose is either repaired or discarded. Once this operation is complete, it’s time to repack the hose onto the engine and make it ready for the next emergency. This operation takes over four hours and is well worth the time and energy to maintain our readiness.

Special Thanks to Firefighter Leon Harie for taking the photos.

Don’t forget, in case of emergency, dial 911.

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