To the Fairfield Glade Community and our Timeshare Guests 


We thank you for your continued support of our fire department.  We are sorry that we could not serve you another pancake breakfast on Labor Day weekend.


The FGFD is all about keeping everyone safe during this time that we are dealing with Covid 19.


Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during the rest of the year.  We thank you for your donations.

See you next year at our next Pancake Breakfast. 


Sharon Bray & Pat Donohue

FGFD Pancake Breakfast Co-Chairs

The Return of the Pancake Breakfast is a huge success!

The proverbial 'they were selling like hotcakes'  described the Fairfield Glade Fire Department  Pancake Breakfast fundraiser held July 3rd at the FG Conference Center.  FG residents, Wyndham condo guests, and visitors comprised the more than 1,500 attendees at the first pancake event in nearly two years.  


The FGFD wishes to thank everyone who attended for their generous support to our volunteer fire department.   Also, a special thank you to the FGFD members, spouses, and resident volunteers who help make this possible.   The FGFD will hold the next Pancake Breakfast Labor Day weekend on Sat. Sept. 4th .. Mark it on your calendar ! 

Sharon and Pat.jpeg
FGFD Pancake Co-Chairs Sharon Bray (left) and Pat Donohue (right) give the 'thumbs up' on the successful July 3rd Pancake Breakfast.

Fairfield Glade Fire Department Town Hall and Video

April 28, 2021

Each slide in the presentation is on the screen for 6 seconds. At any point, you can use the pause button to stop the video on any slide.

Thank You Cyd Riede



Dan Wind



Recently retired FGFD Fire Board member Cyd Riede was recognized by the department for her outstanding service for the FGFD.

Riede has willingly donated her time, talent, expertise, insight, and personal financial support while serving from October 2017

thru December 2020.  


Riede's greatest contribution on the FGFD Board has been serving as the Chairperson of the FGFD Board's Fundraising/Outreach Committee developing and implementing fundraising and outreach action plans that have resulted in thousands of dollars for the FGFD.   


She spearheaded quarterly campaigns to raise monies for new engine hoses, a hydrant truck, turnout gear, extrication equipment and more.

Cyd Riede Plaque.jpg

Cyd Riede and Ron, her husband,  moved to Fairfield Glade from Naperville, Illinois seventeen years ago.  She previously was employed as a  Director of Supply Chain/Logistics for Uniroyal Plastics and later a Software Engineer for SAP.

She earned her B.S. in Accounting & Computer Science and added a M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Missouri.  


In addition to her FGFD work,  Riede has been  active in many other organizations. 

A few of them include: 

Board Member - FG Neighborhood Watch Coalition

Chairperson- FG Lakes Comm. ( Lake Malvern)

Director- Friends of Cumberland County Animals 

Planning Comm. -Alzheimers Tennessee


FGFD Announces "NEW BABY"

by Dan Wind  FGFD PIO


FGFD is pleased to announce the arrival of our new hose. 

A few stats on our new 'baby' :

Weight:  100 + pounds

Length:  16 sections of 100 feet each

Diameter:  5 inches 

Date of Arrival:  Aug. 15, 2020  11:14 a.m.  Station 1 


Our FGFD members used TLC in loading our first 'baby' in its 'crib bed' on Engine 1.  Additional sections will be loaded on two additional engines soon. 


Unfortunately, we do not have congratulatory cigars to pass out but you may see FGFD Captain Abe Celik celebrating with a cigar occasionally.


The FGFD members wish to thank the many Fairfield Glade residents who generously contributed to our 

1st Quarter Fund Raising - Hose Campaign. 


We deeply appreciate your continued support.  


Click Here to go to the Gallery for more photos of our "BABY'S" delivery.  ;-) 


Chief Smith is Retiring

FGFD Chief Bobby Smith announces retirement 


by Dan Wind   FGFD PIO


Fairfield Glade Fire Department Chief Bobby Smith announced his retirement to FGFD members at their August meeting. Smith's retirement as Fire Chief will be effective Dec. 31, 2020.


Smith began serving the FGFD in 2012 and the past three years has held the position of Fire Chief. 

Previous to his service with FGFD, Bobby Smith was a thirty-six year career firefighter with the Cincinnati Fire Department serving on the  Bomb Squad and as a Fire Specialist. 


The FGFD will select a new Fire Chief later this fall. More information will be forthcoming on that process. 


Labor Day Pancake Breakfast Cancelled

We are disappointed to report that the FGFD's Labor Day Pancake Breakfast has been cancelled. It is with an abundance of caution for the health of our team and the great people of Fairfield Glade that we make this decision. As you know, the 3 Pancake Breakfasts we hold are an important part of the fundraising efforts of the department. Please stay tuned for upcoming events that will help our continuing fundraising efforts.

In the meantime, you can still support the department by donating to our PayPal account by clicking on the link below or by CLICKING HERE to assist us in our Q3 Capital campaign.

As always, we value your support and thank you for your donations.

Your Fairfield Glade Fire Department

paypal logo.jpeg

July 4th Pancake Breakfast Cancelled


In these days of uncertainty, we all wonder what the coming months will bring to our community. 

The Fairfield Glade Fire Department is committed to protecting our Fairfield Glade community and our guests. 

We regretfully have to cancel our Fourth of July pancake breakfast. We know that the community looks forward to these events, but we must stay within the state and local guidelines.

Our staff and volunteers look forward to serving these breakfasts. We also enjoy meeting friends, families, as well as out of town guests. 

The members of our department thank you for your caring, support and help during this time. 

We will always be here to protect and serve you, our great community.


Pancake Breakfast, Coordinator,

Pat Donohue

Thank You Fairfield Glade

The next time you're in the neighborhood of Station 1 take a look at what you, the people of Fairfield Glade, have done to promote YOUR Fairfield Glade Fire Department. Through your generosity, we are better able to protect you and your property. We thank you for your continued support.


FGFD Boot Drive a Rousing Success

by Dan Wind  FGFD PIO

Per FGFD Chief Bobby Smith ,  'Wow! What a day !  The FG residents came thru again...we received more than $14,000 and the monies are still coming in !"  

Pictured are some of the many FGFD firefighters and Fire Board Member who participated in the Fundraiser Saturday, May 23rd at the Food City parking lot.  

The entire FGFD wish to thank the residents of Fairfield Glade for their tremendous generosity and continued support ! 

Fill The Boot Picture 05-23-2020.jpg