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My fellow residents of Fairfield Glade, I am your new Fire Chief at the Fairfield Glade Fire Department. It is an Honor and a Privilege to be serving our great community. My first duty is to the safety of the residents of Fairfield Glade.


Did you know that the FGFD is 100% Volunteer, yes 100%! Our members are your neighbors, golf partners, tennis and pickle ball partners, and fellow group and organization members. They drop whatever they are doing at a moments notice to respond to any emergency that arises in the community. Some of the calls in 2021 include a structure fire, an ambulance fire, multiple smoke conditions and numerous assists to our Police and EMS Brothers and Sisters. We also help the road department when they are busy clearing our roads. FGFD members complete a 16 hour and a 64-hour training course in basic firefighting, in addition to a weekend course of live burn training to become firefighters. We also must complete a minimum of 40 hours of annual training.


I would like to thank all our residents, as without you, our Volunteers would not be able to serve in the safe, efficient manner that we do. The Community Club Board generously covers our operating budget, but, it is you, the residents, that generously donate to cover our capital budget which also includes a generous donation from Cumberland County. The capital budget includes replacing and updating our equipment, turnout gear and apparatus. Last year we replaced our 1992 hydrant maintenance truck with a 2021 FD support and hydrant maintenance truck. This year we are scheduled to replace our 2008 command vehicle. We are also scheduling to replace one of our fire engines in 2023. I Hope and Pray that we all have a Safe and Healthy 2021.

Thank You from all the Members of the Fairfield Glade Fire Department for your continued support!

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