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Department Team

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Tim is from Mahwah, New Jersey where he began his 41-year career as a firefighter. Tim rose through the ranks of Mahwah Fire Company No. 2, becoming chief of the department in 2009. Tim’s family has deep roots in public service. You could say that being a firefighter is the family business. Tim’s dad was a firefighter and EMT in the same department for 55 years, eventually becoming chief.  Tim’s sister still serves in the department as public information officer, firefighter and EMT. Sadly, Tim’s younger brother, also a firefighter in the NJ department, passed away in the line of duty in 1996.

Tim and his wife Maryann retired to Fairfield Glade in November of 2018. They have two grown sons, Timothy and Tyler. Timothy is an EMT studying to be a doctor while Tyler is a junior at UT.

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Administrative Support

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Battalion One

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Battalion Two

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Hydrant Crew

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