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Firefighter Team
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Department Team

Young Chris Chief.png

The Fairfield Glade Fire Department is proud to announce the appointment of Chris Young as the new Fire Chief.

Chris and his wife Emily along with their daughters Maddy and Alexis have lived in the Glade since 2007.

Chris began his fire service career in 1997 in Cazenovia, NY where he served on a Hook and Ladder Company. Chris joined the FGFD in 2013. Chris has worked for the FGFD as a firefighter, lieutenant, captain, deputy chief and now chief.

We are blessed to have Chris as our leader and look forward to working with him as he takes our department into an exciting future.

Celic Abe Deputy Chief.png


Gonsalves Tony.png
Toth Eric LT.png
Schlabach David lieutenant.png
Wehermann Kurt Captain.png
Larkin Keith.png

Administrative Support

Cockram Sadie.png
Arbuckle Don PIO.png
Peters Vince.png
Cassidy Josephine Records.png
Kratt Ray.png
Angel Clyde.png
Cassidy Gary.png
Piersol Jim.png
Ostrowski Ed Support.png

Battalion One

Schlabach David lieutenant.png
Wehermann Kurt Captain.png
Larkin Keith.png
Cole Dylan.png
Ricciardo Sharon.png
Kelley Dan.png
Hairie Leon.png
Malone Tyler.png
Malone Tim.png

Battalion Two

McLaughlin Kirk.png
Ogemach Jeff FF.png
King Bob.png
Licht Charles.png
Monahan Greg.png
Winder James.png
Reagan Charles.png


McDonald Bob Chief Eng.png
Sprenger Mike.png
Rayls John Eng FF.png
Rhind Chris.png
Almeter Dick Eng FF.png
Brown Andy Engineer.png
Storer Gary.png

Hydrant Crew

McCarthy Terry.png
Clements Keving.png
Gagnon Larry.png
Lasko George.png
Piersol Jim.png
Gifford Tom.png
Andrews Bill.png
Kress Tom.png
Haines David.png
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