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There are several Board of Director Committees that address Department's governance, administration, fiscal, personnel, and as needed specific project Ad-hoc committees. These committees are comprised of board directors, FGFD Membership, independent and community residence subject matter experts. The Committee Workshop Meetings are attended only by committee members and invited subject matter experts. These workshops are not public meetings. However, in the spirit of transparency and open communication the minutes of these committee workshop meetings are posted here for the Fire Department Membership's information.

It should be noted that these Committees can only make recommendations to be approved by a vote of the full Board of Directors at a public meeting. There is one exception to the “Recommendation Rule”. The Board of Director’s Standing Executive Committee (consisting of only the Board Officers) can act without the vote of the full Board of Directors. However, the Executive Committee reports back at the next full Board of Directors public meeting of all actions taken.

The Board of Directors Standing Committees are the Administration, Financial and Fundraising/Outreach Committees. Currently the Board Ad-hoc Committees consist of the Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG) Committee, Department Nomination Committee, Strategic Planning Committee and Administration Computer & Software Committee. See Board of Directors Web Page for Standing and Ad-hoc Committees charter and membership.

The Fire Chief’s Committees consist of Officer & Staff, Department Full Membership and as needed project specific committees, i.e., Budget Development and Equipment Purchase. 

FGFD Chief's & Staff Meeting Minutes

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FGFD Fundraising & Outreach Workshop Meetings

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