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There are several Department Committees that work on Department issues, policies, procedures, and projects. These Committee’s meetings are attended by committee members only and are not open to the public. However, in the spirit of transparently and open communication the minutes of these committees will be posted on the Department Website under the Members Only page for the Fire Department Members information. It should be noted that the Board’s Committees can only make recommendations to be voted on by the Full Board of Directors. There is one exception to the “recommendation rule” and that is the Board of Directors Standing Executive Committee (consisting of only the Board Officers) This Executive Committee can take action without the vote of the full Board of Directors. The other Board of Directors Standing Committees are the Administrative, Financial and Fundraising/Outreach Committees. Currently the Board Ad-hoc committees consist of the Administration Committee-Nomination Sub-Committee, and the Administration Committee-SOG Sub-Committee. See webpage Board of Directors Standing and Ad-hoc Committees for scope and membership of each committee.

The Fire Chief’s Standing Committee consists of the Chief’s Executive Committee and the Department Full membership meetings.