The Community We Serve and Protect

Fairfield Glade is an unincorporated master plan community located in Cumberland County on the forested Cumberland Plateau, 2,000 feet above sea level. The community residents enjoy moderate four-season weather, eleven lakes, five championship Golf Courses, miles of hiking trails, and numerous recreation facilities. The community covers approximately 22 square miles with a growing population of over 8,000. The community has 17,538 Total Taxable Properties currently comprised of 5,873 residential homes, 5,269 vacant lot owners, 579 condominiums, and numerous business complexes. i.e. Fairfield Glade Community Club, Wyndham Vacation Resort Destinations, Good Samaritan Society and the Village Green Mall. Additionally, there are numerous utility infrastructure facilities, i.e. water, sewer plants, electrical transmission stations and communication towers. According to the Cumberland County Assessor’s Office the Fairfield Glade Community is a County asset consisting of approximately 1.4 billion dollars of Appraised Value Real Tangible Properties.

Fairfield Glade Fire Department Headquarters 7258 Peavine Road Fairfield Glade, TN  38558 931-484-3801

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